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We Will Rock You - The Show Must Go On
There was wild applause at the climax of the show...and it only got louder

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Friday, 2 June 2023

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Saturday, 26 August 2023

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2 hours 20 minutes (incl interval)

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Young Couples:

Absolutely amazing! Last show so even extra effort went into the final one which made me cry! Brian May joined the cast at the end. Once in a lifetime event!
Samantha, 27 Aug 2023
Almost a concert
It was almost a concert, the music was great and some wonderful singers and dancers. The story didn’t create an emotional response from me. Not recommended for younger people as the references meant nothing to them.
Brian, 27 Aug 2023
The best show in London! A must see!
Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You is one of the funniest and most entertaining shows I’ve seen - ever!! Audience participation is encouraged and it turns into a massive sing a long at the end. The songs are obviously amazing - I mean they are Queen songs after all! But the actors singing was outstanding! I could watch it again and again!
Kay, 26 Aug 2023
Fun Friday night
The show was good and the music was great.
Juliana, 25 Aug 2023
Show was awsome, great acting,story,backing musicians were brilliant, Neil Murray on bass,best there is.
Gary, 21 Aug 2023
Second time for us
This was our second time watching the show it’s been a few years in between. This time we took our teenager and she loved it. Highly recommend for all.
Emma, 21 Aug 2023
Great show, Ben Elton and cast including the band have a a brilliant performance. Music and singing top notch.
Stephen, 21 Aug 2023
Clever use of queen music
The story was cleverly based around the music of Queen ,very well written and a thoroughly entertaining show
Olga, 20 Aug 2023
We will rock you
Wow great show, funny kept us entertained right from the start and the voices just amazing
Lin, 20 Aug 2023
Better than I thought.
This show has terrible reviews which I had only read the night before we were going.i had bought 2 tickets for myself and my best friend to celebrate her birthday. Front row dress circle tickets were not cheap but row A seats 4&5 were excellent which was more than could be said about the show.A Ben Elton disaster of a remake.He has given himself a main part in his own farcical production about days when rock and roll were banned by galactic leaders. His acting and attempts at singing are embarrassing for the rest of the accomplished entertainers.The show is saved by the amazing voices of the leads. Even the lyrics to the most iconic Queen hits have been changed to suit Mr Eltons narssacistic desire to be famous. Freddie would be turning in his grave. All that said it was an entertaining production but not worth the ticket price. Can't see it running over its 12 week allocation at The Colliseum.
Christine, 20 Aug 2023
An entertaining, enjoyable musical extravaganza!
I took my son for his first experience of London’s West end! We Will Rock You did not disappoint; we were up on our feet, singing along and thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. The live band was outstanding, as was the singing. The story line was a little strange but entertaining nonetheless. I would recommend this show to anyone and everyone!
Janine, 18 Aug 2023
Absolutely amazing
I absolutely loved this show! The plot was original, the actors did an amazing job, it was hilarious and most importantly it had pretty much every Queen song you can think of. I'm sure Freddie Mercury would have loved this!
Carolin, 17 Aug 2023
the shows make me dream it was absolutely amazing I love it will do it again!!!
prescillia Lucrèce, 14 Aug 2023
Simply Amazing
What an experience!! Really excellent performances. Loved every second ?
Gail, 14 Aug 2023
3rd time
Seen this before in London and in Vegas. Brought the kids 11,16 with us this time for our 20th wedding anniversary. they knew most of the songs. A great night out where you were allowed, encouraged to sing along. Audience were a mix of die hard Queen super fans who knew every word and others just there for the show Maybe not the show for an 11 year old adult references but still very funny. Pop was a great (political) character the musicians were amazing. Wish I could see the band all through the show and they weren't hidden away. Will go again
Bernadette, 14 Aug 2023
Simply the best!
What a brilliant show from start to finish. Very cleverly written, singing was fantastic, acting was fantastic, storyline was fab! Would happily watch again and would recommend to anyone.
Amy, 11 Aug 2023
Long live Queen
Brillant show, very energetic. Great performers! Love the music, of course. Acoustics almost too good.
Pauline, 11 Aug 2023
Really enjoyable evening
If you want to see a great show and be uplifted and entertained go and see We Will Rock You, great music and comedic episodes,lovely evening
Priscilla, 11 Aug 2023
Very entertaining
Great show take care with children under 10 , parents be aware with some bad language
Beverley, 10 Aug 2023
Fantastic show.
Fantastic! Love this show.Loved the updated version. I can never tire of this show! So many great Queen songs beautifully sung.
Vanessa, 10 Aug 2023
Active dancing
A fairly standard musical, it could have been more directive on Queen and more of the image of the great Freddie Mercury
Telemaco, 10 Aug 2023
In the beginning difficult to Hear and understand but finally a Great show
A Stunning killer Queen - Great Voice and A cool Young couple killing ist - and her
René, 07 Aug 2023
What a show.
One of the best shows we've seen. Outstanding cast. Cannot fault it. Fabulous day out. Do yourself a huge tickets today.
Vincent, 07 Aug 2023
Witty and great one liners
Great one liners as you would expect from Ben Elton , very to the point ref to technology and all robots as a result.. great acting and singing was great , was worried they would destroy the songs but simply not the case - dont listen to the haters who have left negative reviews go check it out and rock on !!
Lindsey, 06 Aug 2023
Absolutely fantastic don’t go to theatres much but would recommend this show excellent simple as that .
Barry, 05 Aug 2023
I was smiling all the way through
I loved the whole show, it had many funny moments, powerful singing and clever stage sets. An all round feel good experience in a lovely theatre ?
Caroline, 05 Aug 2023
Fantastic evening ..
Don’t miss this it is so good .. Queen songs so cleverly put into the story . Ben Elton was very funny . Wonderful evening .
Pamela, 04 Aug 2023
Quality music
High standard of music and vocal performances with added humour, well done to all.
Jim, 04 Aug 2023
Queen ahead of it's time! A show to make you feel good!
If you love Queen's music, you will love this made up story around their songs and the funny references to other songs and performers of the same era. Jenny O'Leary performing on Wednesday nights is amazing as the Killer Queen, if you hesitate because Brenda Edwards is not performing on those days, please don't, Jenny's singing and presence on stage is out of this world! It was a real pleasure to see Christine Allado again, I had also loved her performance in "The Prince of Egypt" last year, she is excellent in every way! Ian McIntosh is a great singer choice for this musical as Galileo and Elena Skye's voice mixes wonderfully with his, making some memorable harmonies. Ben Elton, what a treat to have the creator of the show take part in it!
Laetitia, 03 Aug 2023
Brilliant show
Show was Epic
Sandra, 03 Aug 2023
Great come back!
Great show! Loved the updated lines with plenty of humour to make it current. Music amazing!!
Dinesh, 02 Aug 2023
Great presentation of Queens iconic songs
Thoroughly polished cast you won’t be disappointed. Good use of props.
Bruce, 02 Aug 2023
Splendido musical
È un musical splendido e perfetto da tutti i punti di vista: cantanti/attori, ballerini, musiche, coreografie, scenografie e effetti scenici. Lo rivedrei altre mille volte!
Maria Sandra, 31 Jul 2023
Must see
Fantastic loved it Fantastic ? ❤️ ? ? ? ♥️
David, 31 Jul 2023
Great music
All good. Well written with lots of humour. A must see ?
Jennifer, 29 Jul 2023
Funny with classic Queen
Wasn’t sure what to expect but it was fab entertainment! Ben Elton fantastic and laugh out loud funny script - great end to wonderful day in London ?
Elaine, 27 Jul 2023
understudy Danny Nattrass amazing
Danny Nattrass was amazing as Galileo. 5 stars must see.
elaine, 25 Jul 2023
Brenda edwards magnificent
Really enjoyed show especially sections where brenda was singing excellent needed to be more on stage star of show maybe a little less of yoynger two and ben eltons chat worth the money
Susan, 24 Jul 2023
Weird story, very expensive
We really enjoyed the music - obviously!!! But the story was very very weird and Ben Elton was dreadful. And why did he give the lead male an American accent? Queen are an English band and this was an English story with predominantly English accents. The character Meat also had an American accent. It didn't make sense. She was very difficult to understand when she sang. Ian McKintosh was ABSOLUTELY SUPERB. Would have liked more audience dancing at the end - similar to Mamma Mia. Whilst the London Coliseum is a really beautiful theatre, we do not think the show was worth £652 for the four of us.
Jane, 24 Jul 2023
A must see if you are a fan of Queen music or any music in general..
The casting, acting,music, set everything! Fabulous good that we all wanted to go back and watch ir again the next night!!!
Lisa, 24 Jul 2023
Great Music
Very clever dialogue, not just for Queen fans songs that get you singing and toe tapping, a really good show.
Michael, 23 Jul 2023
Out of this world
Have seen the show on 5 previous occasions. This knocked spots off the previous wonderful performances. Was mesmerised from the first distinctive cord.
TREVOR, 23 Jul 2023
The best vocals anywhere
Run time was much longer than we expected. The info we had was not from the theatre, not their fault. Amazing vocals. We attend a lot of theatre—8-14 plays a years. This was a 10+.
Nancy Barnett, 22 Jul 2023
Great voices of main character
I love Queen and their music. I did not expect this kind of storyline. In fact I felt the storyline was the weakest part of the show. Many of the one liners were funny and some original. The main singers’ voices though were excellent and the interpretation of Bohemian rhapsody was wonderful.
Andrea, 21 Jul 2023
A fitting tribute to the legend
Saw the show when it first came out.It was mesmerising then and the same applies. As food as a show can get Outstanding show and very current. Ben Elton your a genius.
DAVID, 20 Jul 2023
Ben Elton humour, fantastic music, highly recommend
Melanie, 20 Jul 2023
Creative and good music
Great music. A bit too much of talking between the songs.
Marc, 19 Jul 2023
Not bad but...
Story is not really creative. Theater accessories are cheap relying mainly on LED screen backgrounds. In Rock & Roll music band are main characters but they are not enough included in the story.
Nicolas, 17 Jul 2023
Left on a high
Toe tapping and clapping all the way through. Funny, energetic even emotional at times, bit of a thought provoking story line along good use of the Queen songs and singers were fab esp the girls!!
Kelly, 17 Jul 2023
Great songs
Good show. Brought back memories of the songs from Queen. Sound was a little loud in the theatre. Ben Elton was funny.
Hazel, 15 Jul 2023
Must See
Brilliant show, great cast of top performers,really talented, it's a must see show.
Darren, 15 Jul 2023
Don’t understand the bad press about this show. It is fantastic such a feel good factor. Just brilliant. Will see it again before it closes
elaine, 13 Jul 2023
Phenomenal a masterpiece and an absolute joy,
i would not have swapped seat in Row A, but there was limited legroom
Angela, 13 Jul 2023
What a brilliant show..the voices were fantastic. Loved it.
Natasha, 10 Jul 2023
Difficult for kids to see much of show happening & I think they may get lost in the story
Georgina, 10 Jul 2023
One you must see
\great show the music was great
Andrew John, 10 Jul 2023
Great for Queen fans and others
If you are a fan of Queen then this show is a must. The music and the comic interludes are the best.
Paul, 08 Jul 2023
Fantastic show, the best musical I've seen for years. The story details were unnecessary, we came to listen to the music and watch the superbly talented singers and dancers, all of whom were terrific! What a show! I'll never forget it.
Robert, 08 Jul 2023
Must see fabulous
Brilliant story line can’t go wrong with music by Queen
Yvonne, 08 Jul 2023
Did not disappoint!
I really enjoyed this show. A great spectacle wrapped around the music of one of my favourite bands! Highly recommended. Best not to choose upper circle seats if your tall, as leg room is a bit cramped at the Coliseum
Richard, 08 Jul 2023
Great show for fans of queen's song's
First time for this version 4 time watching we will rock you We have loved it every time
Keith, 07 Jul 2023
A nice escapism and chance to sing your lungs out!
Theatre was nice; bar and snacks were pricey, toilets were clean and stewards were helpful. Show was great fun; some people laughed and others cried but everyone sang. A great evening out for the family.
Bronwyn, 06 Jul 2023
very good show
a very good show i will recommend it for everyone the basic story is a bit childish but acceptable.
shai, 05 Jul 2023
Absolutely fabulous
In every way a wonderful show, will go see it again
Patricia, 05 Jul 2023
Anazing and emotional.
Fantastic. No words to describe what we have felt. Great singers and the most incredible band. Highly recommendably. The show must go on!!
Ignasi, 01 Jul 2023
Loved it, just like I remembered
Great show. Seen it 5 times now, although 4 at the old theatre. Shame it's on a short run. Would recommend making sure that Ben, Brenda and Lee are in the performance you see. The people playing Scaramouche and Gigolo figaro were amazing too, such great voices and talent
Andrew, 01 Jul 2023
Brilliant songs the cast Ben Elton funny would recommend to be seen
Carole, 29 Jun 2023
Funny, cheerful, iconic.
I would recommend the audience to be less stiff next time, afterall there’s life music and comedy involved, it’s okay to have fun and to show it ;-)
Katarzyna, 28 Jun 2023
We will Rock you Review
I loved how the actors were engaging the spectators. We wanted to sing and clap and dance. It was very exciting! The content is definitely tailored towards a younger person with references to today’s modern world. Jokes were off today with a young flair. The music was outstanding! I would go again.
Marina, 27 Jun 2023
Great show!!!
Great show! Great music! All Queen fans will love this show!!
Marion, 24 Jun 2023
Pure Enjoyment
What a show. Pure enjoyment from the get go to the last note.
Paul, 24 Jun 2023
Must see
Saw this years ago and this reboot is brilliant. The script has been updated, the cast are fantastic - just a shame it's only on for a limited time.
LORNA, 23 Jun 2023
Que for a song
Nothing to dislike, Ben Elton has made a fanfastic musical with a lot of familiar music and then steals the show with his role. The rest of the cast are awesome and boy can they sing - Freddie would be proud of them all
Paul, 23 Jun 2023
Great story using so many favourite songs
Loved watching this show. Ben Elton was fabulous. Great sets and actors. Sound quality let it down slightly as some lyrics weren't clear. However we loved the show and story. Our seats were upgraded on the day due to my lack of mobility and staff were concerned for my safety.
Annette, 23 Jun 2023
Updating not always the best
Didn't think this was as good as the original
Michele, 21 Jun 2023
Blue my mind
Was as good as when I saw it 20 yrs ago , I like the tweets that bought it up to date
Stewart, 19 Jun 2023
Very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable
Great show, but take a hand fan if in the summer time
Neil, 18 Jun 2023
Excellent performance all round especially the singing.
Cannot fault the show. Wasn't sure what to expect but wasn't disappointed. Only one criticism and nothing to do with the performance. The theatre was too warm and airless. A little bit of air-conditioning would have been a blessing
Suzanne, 17 Jun 2023
Amazing Show
Funny & fantastic music ??
Caroline, 17 Jun 2023
Amazing show for all ages. A must watch!
Amazing show! A must see! Recommend for all the family. Great music.
Gemma, 17 Jun 2023
So glad this masterpiece is back in the West End
So glad to see that this old gem is back in the West End again. The acting was superb and the energy created in the theatre was incredible. Just a bit of a shame that because of the short stay the stage mechanics weren’t as slick and had stage hands pushing things on and off. Not to mention the motorbike getting stuck. In its previous home you felt like Killer Queen controlled everything at the touch of a button. Today it felt a bit school production with bits of set being pushed on and off by stage management and cast. Oh, and whoever gave Ben Elton a song needs to find another job, the guy can crack jokes but he ruined a stunning song!
Billy, 17 Jun 2023
Highlight of my london trip
Fab show with the story weaved in such a way to incorporate some amazing Queen songs. The singing was amazing and did justice to the original versions. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it
roisin, 16 Jun 2023
I love The Queen is wonderful...I will see again....
AnnaMaria, 16 Jun 2023
Cross between rock concert and musical theatre
Outstanding performance. Party atmosphere for all who were there.
Lesley, 13 Jun 2023
It Will Rock You!!!!
We absolutely loved We Will Rock You with Ben Elton, it brought the hits of Queens masters Mercury and May back to life with a slant at modern society. A must see of everyone, It Will Rock You! The cameo from some long haired Astro Physicist certainly added another layer to the experience.
Trevor, 12 Jun 2023
Excellent music, uplifting!
Brilliant show, “Meatlove” girl could use few dancing lessons, looked stiff., but her voice compensated through acting.
Ingrida, 12 Jun 2023
Must go show
Excellent in every way. Great acting, great music, great humour Great show
Ian, 11 Jun 2023
Queen memory tour with an unexpected story
Great best of tour for a Queen fan and an unexpected story with a nice dystopic twist. At first we were surprised by the acting of the rebel leader, because it wasN#t really musical level, but then we understood that it was some sort of cameo of the author Ben Elton himself.
Hauke, 11 Jun 2023
So glad I went
I am not a regular theatre go-er and not the biggest fan of Queen but I was going with someone who was both. I didn't quite know what to expect. Boy, was I glad I went though. The experience of the theatre itself was great and the show was fantastic. The performers were top class. The subtle and not so subtle humour was just right. And I thoroughly enjoyed the music which was all played live. My perfect companion had the same opinions as well. If you get the chance to see the show then don't miss it.
Michael, 11 Jun 2023
Missed it first time made sure I did not miss the second time
Enjoyed the story line and sense of humour . Some adult based humour and suggested altenatives. Very funny with lots of laughing throughout. The singing was amazing and the characters of the lead actors was brill. I think the only let down fir me was the choreography of the group dances was very basic and just seemed to be be "bulking" it out
Fiona, 10 Jun 2023
Be Rocked
Fab music goes without saying. Not a prize winning storyline, but very entertaining and hugely enjoyable
Denise, 09 Jun 2023
Absolutely rocking!
Fantastic show. We can wait to see it again!
Barbara, 08 Jun 2023
Amazing show
What a really fabulous performance. Very different to the original. Loved it
Angela, 08 Jun 2023
I’ve seen the show many years ago and really enjoyed it. I particularly liked how it’s been updated. The music is classic and timeless. The humour was an unexpected bonus. A great evening.
Cathy, 08 Jun 2023
The show was fantastic from beginning to end
Lesley, 08 Jun 2023
Passable (Too Loud, Bring Ear Plugs)
The story is fine, the acting is okay for the most part. The Killer Queen was totally over-acting and her voice was way too loud, I needed ear plugs. Ben Elton didn't have to play to be honest, he's not that good on stage. The rest was fine. The music is what makes this entertaining and I am a bit disappointed because compared to Mamma Mia, which is another music-inspired show, this one lacks on many fronts. I like that they updated the story to reflect current day events (covid, metaverse, ai...) I just wish it was a bit more elevated and improved. No wonder that the critics slammed it. It's fair. Other than that, I enjoyed it. I wouldn't spend more than 50 quid on it though.
Ognyan, 06 Jun 2023
Brilliantly done,
Great story line , lots of humour, spectacular costumes, the music had the whole theatre clapping and dancing in their seats , best show I have seen in years
Angela, 05 Jun 2023
Definitely worth going to see
Excellent show two main characters were amazing well worth going to see if you like Queen.
Alison, 03 Jun 2023
this was my first west end show and it was fantastic i was jumping in my seat dancing and clapping like mad we came out of the theater exhausted from such an amazing experince
chris, 27 Mar 2014
We Will Rock You
Absolutely Amazing. I first saw this when it was first released and it was just as good if not better this time round. Brilliant!!!!!!
Carol Everitt, 23 Mar 2014