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My Fair Lady - Back in the West End at last!

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My Fair Lady

Originally inspired by George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, written back in 1913, My Fair Lady is over 100 years old but still has an endless capacity to delight. This is Lerner and Loewe's legendary musical and the version coming to the London Coliseum for summer 2022 is directed by Barlett Sher, an awesome production that has gathered enormous critical acclaim since it launched at Broadway's Lincoln Centre Theatre in 2018. The only thing that stopped this musical's flight to the stars back in 2020 was covid. Now it's due to thrill West End audiences in theatreland.

My Fair Lady is all about the English language, and snobbery, and what makes a 'proper' lady. When the pompous, demanding linguist Professor Henry Higgins accepts a bet to change an ordinary woman into a wealthy-seeming posh lady, the Cockney flower-seller Eliza Doolittle becomes his victim. He's determined to transform her into a member of high society by teaching her to speak properly. But who ends up being changed? The show is packed with memorable tunes including On The Street Where You Live and Get Me To The Church On Time, and if the Broadway version is anything to go by, the costumes will be simply spectacular. Don't miss the fun!

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Young Couples:

Was really great show thoroughly enjoyed it especially Eliza was amazing
JOYCE, 29 Aug 2022
Very well done. Enjoyed every minute of it.
I had last seen the production about 15 years ago. I loved it then and love it now. My husband missed some of the dialogue. I think this was because the music was playing a bit too loud. If it was slightly softer/ lower, we would have heard the dialogue between the actors and actresses.
Alba, 29 Aug 2022
Such a classic musical and this cast does it justice
Brilliant set, cast, orchestration and story. A lovely way to spend a Thursday afternoon
Pauline, 26 Aug 2022
Not to be missed
Revival of My Fair Lady was a long awaited pleasure for me as I saw the original in my 20. The cast was good with exceptional voices. I particularly liked the inclusive nature of the production as it appropriately displays the people of today. An enjoyable and totally entertaining experience.
Suranganie, 24 Aug 2022
Perfect performance from every cast member
This show will appeal to all ages.
Frances, 23 Aug 2022
Fantastic performance of a real classic!
An absolutely wonderful show performed by such talented actors. This show has stood the test of time and in an entertaining way brings to life so many of the biases we still struggle with today
Gerlind, 23 Aug 2022
Great sets, great performances
I'd forgotten how good My Fair Lady is & how great the songs are. Wonderful version of it. Everything was great, performances, voices, costumes & sets. So glad I saw it.
Irene, 19 Aug 2022
Great show
Regardless if you have seen the movie, with Audrey Hepburn, or not the story is easy to follow. Having an orchestra, playing the score, only enhances the show. Cast were great, as were the costumes & lighting.
Lorraine, 19 Aug 2022
I am such a fan of the musical and was so pleasantly surprised with an amazing show of absolute quality and staying so true to the original. An exceptional show that I would love to see again. It would be great to encourage people to sing along .... perhaps a second show that is interactive?
Yvonne, 18 Aug 2022
A really quality performance, amazing sets , costumes and outstanding singing. Eliza Dolittle was absolutely out of this world , such a great singer.
Claire, 18 Aug 2022
Excellent Production
This new production contained just the right amount of dialogue updating from the original making it amusing in the appropriate places without detracting from the untouched brilliant music.
Colin, 17 Aug 2022
A classic revamped
Revisiting a classic is always going to draw compassions from older productions. However, I feel that the updating of the production for the benefit of new audiences does not quite benefit it in a positive way . A classic is a classic and it’s status requires a certain respect towards it . Enjoyable as it is you cannot but compare previous versions of such an iconic role which on this occasion falls short of expectations. The set was great especially the revolve effect of the main house giving it a dimension that complimented the story and the action on stage. The live orchestra was a joy to behold though at times drowned the main singing voices . Comparing with South Pacific which I had seen the day before made this shortcoming very noticeable as the sound at Saddlers Wells was spot on .
Jerome, 17 Aug 2022
It's closing so you have nearly missed your chance
I must be a romantic, for I was not keen on ending.
Linda, 14 Aug 2022
Very well known and loved story with sumptuous musical background.
Apart from the three lead actors we found the performances often amateur and somewhat wooden. I was almost minded (first time ever) not to stay for the second half but thankfully it was better than the first. The well know musical numbers made up for the wooden performances but surely the West End deserves a little more professionalism. Stephen K Amos as Eliza Doolittle’s father is totally out of his depth in my humble opinion. I can’t act, sing or dance either but I’m not on a West end stage.
Andre, 13 Aug 2022
Very enjoyable old favourite
Extremely well done and manages not to seem dated. Easy to forget just how good the songs are, especially when they are performed so well.
Ann, 12 Aug 2022
Brilliantly entertaining
Attended a matinee performance and really enjoyed the whole experience. Scripts is true to the film and superbly performed by everyone involved. Compliments to the amazing orchestra too.
Craig, 12 Aug 2022
Could have been loverly!
Some of the acting/singing is not showstopping and it’s a very slow start. Second half is much better!
Bethany, 09 Aug 2022
Absolutely loved it. The two main caricatures were excellent. As were all the cast.
Ivo, 07 Aug 2022
A must see show
This show is excellent and would appeal to young and old alike. Definitely recommend.
Sylvia, 03 Aug 2022
wonderful story
The show was fabulous although the cheaper balcony seats were extremely small and tight for big/tall people. There was also a problem with the sound where we sat.
Sara, 01 Aug 2022
A gorgeous spectacle
A really good recapturing of a classic. Harry Hadden-Paton makes a great Henry Higgins. Set is very cleverly done. Orchestra performance was fabulous. My only issue, and probably was a one night thing, was that some of the sound levels were not good.
Jill, 31 Jul 2022
My Fair Lady
The show was great. Sets were fabulous and creativly done. My one negative was the ector who play Alizas father. I couldn't understand a single word he said and his songing was not great.
Cynthia, 31 Jul 2022
Great to hear the familiar songs, good acting, fab live orchestra - a real treat.
Sara, 27 Jul 2022
Must see- funny withy and so entertaining
Was disappointed it ended- very good and the actors were superb.
Clodagh, 27 Jul 2022
Professor Higgins carried the show. He was exceptional. The chorus/dancers were superb. I think the other main characters didn’t quite come up to Prof Higgins high standard. A bit more animation and projection in their performances was needed. Apart from that very enjoyable.
Joyce, 26 Jul 2022
A must see
Harry Hadden Paton stole the show.
Edwin, 25 Jul 2022
Wonderful show, great theatre and excellent staff. A great night all round
Julie, 22 Jul 2022
it was a good show for all ages
jane, 21 Jul 2022
A great show
Wonderful acting with a great cast and jaw dropping songs which kept to the original production lovely scenery I can't tell you how much I really enjoyed this show and would recommend that you see it
Wendy, 21 Jul 2022
Nostalgic, delightful, entertaining with a wonderful score
Such a great show. Nostalgic, delightful, entertaining back by a wonderful score, brilliant musicians and actors.
Charles Philip, 15 Jul 2022
Fun and exciting
A truly enjoyable evening.
Bernardd, 13 Jul 2022
Wonderful performance
Fabulous acting and singing. Amazing scenery and costumes.
Simon, 13 Jul 2022
feel-good show, catchy tunes
a re-watch of an old favorite.
Ravishankar, 11 Jul 2022
An afternoon of great entertainment. Well done to cast, orchestra and production team. Pity the theatre chairs are sooo uncomfortable.
Alison, 10 Jul 2022
Stewart’s in London
We enjoyed the show immensely. I saw the production in New York 3 years ago. It can’t compare to the London production the actors were amazing. We’d see it again
CAROL GOULIAN, 08 Jul 2022
Blissful escapism
The only criticism in terms of seating , the front row of the dress circle is the only row with less leg room. This should be made known on booking , most uncomfortable.
Michael, 07 Jul 2022
Great but Eliza didn’t connect
Great show amazing voices - Eliza didn’t connect for me Definitely worth seeing though!!
Gillian, 06 Jul 2022
Nice to see a revival of a classic
The sets, costumes and acting were superb. The only problem is the acoustics. My wife and I missed a lot of the dialog.
william, 05 Jul 2022
Joyous Don't miss
A superb show the cast are perfect and for a show where the story and music are so well known this was fresh.made me laugh and cry a show to remember
BRIDGET, 02 Jul 2022
Great music, clever scenery
Ann, 01 Jul 2022
What a fantastic show, would definitely recommend you see it.
Pam, 25 Jun 2022
Great show true to the film
The sound quality wasn’t great and we were in a box … so near to the front
Melanie, 24 Jun 2022
on arrival at the theatre we were taken to one side and given tickets for the stalls, as we had originally booked for the upper circle. what a lovely gesture. the show itself was excellent. Eliza was fantastic, as was Prof Higgins.costumes, stage sets,music it was magical. one of the best shows we have seen. also one of the nicest theatres we have visited.
stephen, 23 Jun 2022
My Fair Lady Revisited in London
If you are in London visiting, or want to be entertained, you should definitely plan to see My Fair Lady during it’s limited engagement at the London Coliseum - it was fantastic!
Margaret, 12 Jun 2022
A classic done right
An excellent production of a classic musical. Higgins and Pickering were played flawlessly. Eliza’s singing was wonderful but I found her depictions of anger and frustration to be excessively done. Overall, I highly recommend. WARNING: If you have long legs, don’t get these seats.
Carlos, 05 Jun 2022
Great show
Took my mum for her birthday and we both really enjoyed the show. Great performance and costumes. Amazing sets
Martha, 04 Jun 2022
Thoroughly Recommend
Absolutely loved the show! I'd been waiting a long time for this to come to stage and I wasn't disappointed. The only thing that spoiled it was the seats. We were sitting in B2 and B3 in the dress circle. From the seating plan, it looked like I had chosen two aisle seats (which is what I wanted because I get claustrophobic), but this was not the case, and we were right underneath a box, with no exit. It was quite difficult to see right hand side of the stage from where we were sitting. You had to lean forward to see what was happening.
Rebekah, 04 Jun 2022
The changes to the "get me to the church" to make it more raucous were disappointing. It was difficult to get used to a black Liza Dolittle.
My Fair Lady is still a grand show
Don, 03 Jun 2022
Really enjoyed that slight twist on the original casting but you won’t be disappointed
Geoff, 03 Jun 2022
Different take on My Fair Lady
The first half was great, went a bit astray in second half and maybe went on for a bit too long. I thought the can can scene was a bit unecessary.
Judith, 03 Jun 2022
Fantastic entertainment
Zoe, 02 Jun 2022
Better view from the Stalls, Circle a long way back, not worth the extra price.
Victor, 01 Jun 2022
A Stunning revival of this classic show, the singing was crisp and clear and the orchestra were wonderful, the sets were brilliant. A Thoroughly Uplifting Performance.
Jayne, 29 May 2022
A delightful throwback to life in London years ago:)
A true gem of a show which transports youto London many years ago. A classic made modern with some great tweaks which all will enjoy. The acting and music is fantastic. Well done to all invovled. Great show, worth every penny:)
Hilary, 29 May 2022
Very creative!
This was and amazing show. I really enjoyed it,however the second part after interval could have been a bit shirter. That is the part where you start looking at the watch thinking about its finish. Overall it was a great show.
Milica, 25 May 2022
Great production, shame about the end!
Really enjoyed the cast and orchestra. I didn’t understand the ending though which left me a little deflated.
Suzanne, 25 May 2022
Heavenly Fun
The show was wonderful - at the beginning the sound of the performers speaking voices were a little quiet so had to listen very attentively - but then the acoustics seemed to improve - hugely recommended.
Sue, 23 May 2022
A great show
Enjoyed the show. Eliza and Henry Higgins were excellent. Splendid theatre and fantastic costumes and scene changes. I thought the sound was muffled at the start of the show. We were sat at the side in the dress circle . Choreography and orchestra were excellent.
Graham, 22 May 2022
So much fun!
Great show, loved it!
Rodrick A, 19 May 2022
Fantastical, great pace, no lulls.
Hearing the dialogue was an issue for us as we're both a little hard of hearing. The musical portions were fine.
Ciro, 16 May 2022
Simply stunning
Can not recommed the show enough. It was beautifully acted and the singing was amazing.
Mark, 15 May 2022
Amazing show music singing acting
Cannot fault the show. Staff very friendly and helpful. Show was amazing the cast were fantastic. Will definitely recommend friends to see it.
Linda, 14 May 2022
Fab show
Great acting just a super show.
lesley, 14 May 2022
Excellent play for the whole family
Loved the show. Actors were perfectly picked for there parts.
owen, 12 May 2022
What a performance! What a cast! What a show! Opening night was fantastic and it was great to experience this classic musical on the stage! With a story line that stays true to the original, a brilliant cast, great direction and a fantastic stage set, who could ask for anything more? Do not miss the opportunity to see this musical for yourself and with so many great songs, you'll be singing for weeks to come!
Thomas Steven, 10 May 2022